Kverneland e-drill maxi plus

The range of Kverneland e-drill as power harrow mounted seed drills allow seedbed preparation, consolidation and sowing in one pass. Within this product group, the Kverneland e-drill maxi plus is the combined seed and fertiliser model.

The e-drill maxi plus is able to apply two different products in one pass. It can be two types of seeds or seed and fertiliser or a combination with e.g. slug pellets or only one type of seed.

With the combined seeder, the high capacity hopper can be divided into an adjustable hopper ratio of 60:40, 70:30 or 100:0 with two independently working metering devices ELDOS positioned on either side. With the double entry CX-II coulter the seeds and fertiliser are laid precisely in the seeding row in just one pass.

The e-drill maxi plus pneumatic seed drills are especially adapted to the needs of the European markets where the application of fertiliser and seeds in one step or the sowing of a mixture of different seeds is requested. To balance the shorter vegetation phase, the phosphoric fertiliser application supports the initial germination and development of the plants in the most efficient way. In trials of spring-sown crops, yields have shown increases up to 25% compared to crops where the fertiliser has been applied by other methods.

As an option for an even further extended scope of application, Kverneland has integrated the well-known a-drill onto the e-drill maxi plus. This extra seeder with separate hopper and metering device will allow applying an additional sort of seeds/fertiliser.

e-drill maxi plus - Kverneland e-drill maxi pluss, combined grain and fertilizer model

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