Kverneland Spreading Charts

Exact advice for each Kverneland spreader at any working width, application rate or driving speed.

Kverneland Spreading Charts

The Exacta spreaders are known and famous for their sturdiness, ease of operation and outstanding accuracy in all situations. This is the result of many years experience, research and tests. All tests are carried out according to the strictest international standards and quality requirements. Consequently, when you purchase a Kverneland spreader you get more than just a fertilizer spreader. You get access to the results of specialist testing and experience used to develop comprehensive and easily interpretable spreading charts for the most commonly used fertilizer types.

Get Direct Access To the Spreading Charts!

  • The spreading charts Application can be downloaded from the App store and Android Market


The (mobile) spreading chart website is available in the following languages: English (metric and imperial), German, French, Dutch, Danish, Czech, Spanish, Hungarian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Finnish, Swedish, Russian and Japanse.

The spreading charts Application is available in English (metric and imperial), German and Dutch.