Kverneland CLC pro Cut

CLC pro Cut for long residues such as maize, sunflower, oil seed rape, sugar cane, etc... Available in 3m - 3.5m rigid.

The CLC pro in its Cut variant is available in 3.0 and 3.5m working width as rigid model.
The frame design is the same as the “Classic” model with the rear equipment based on roller arms holding a bar of levelling tines in front of the roller. Other equipment from the CLC pro is also available like the combidisc harrow or the double disc gang for intensive incorporation.

Max power for the 3,00m is 240hp.
The full roller program is available for this Cut version.
The front cutting disc can be hydraulically adjusted from the cab at any time. This means that the pressure on the discs is also defined by the cylinder position.
The working depth is often around 5 cm to be able to cut the material and the roots if necessary. Each disc is independently protected by 4 rubber shock absorbers.
The bearings are maintenance free.

Zone 1 - cutting

Equipped with one row of front cutting discs, the CLC pro Cut is the ideal machine for working with long residue conditions like sunflower, maize, etc…

Zone 2 - cultivating

The front cutting discs are followed by 2 rows of tines with wide tine spacing (approx. 400mm) for managing the residues. The wider share, Quantum 345mm, is used. The tines can have Knock-On deflectors for nice stubble incorporation.

Zone 3 - levelling

The rear equipment on the CLC pro Cut reduces the required lifting capacity. The machine can then be equipped with the levelling tines and the short roller arms. The machine is then compact enough to be used with a lighter tractor. Other equipment like Combi-disc or double discs can also be used.

Zone 4 consolidation

Very active rollers provide a nice recompaction and close contact soil / residues.

Models CLC pro Cut 300 CLC pro Cut 350
N° of tines 7 9
N° of cutting discs 10 12
Working/transport width (m) 3.00/3.00 3.50/3.50
Min/Max. HP 100/240 135/270
Weight: Shearbolt, levelling tines, Actiring  1807 kg 2055 kg

CLC pro Cut - Strong Frame

  • The frame design and heavy-duty central beam offers in-field durability even under extreme working conditions.
  • The machine offers high underbeam clearance with 870mm to cope with incorporation of high volumes of crop residue.
  • The frames can absorb e.g. 240 hp with 3.00m and up to 350hp for the folding implements with 5.0m.
  • The material used can bear significant loads while staying reliable and light.
  • The weight carried by the tractor is thus reduced and helps saving fuel.
  • The CLC pro Cut is 50cm shorter than the CLC pro when equipped with the bended arms (from the Classic version), shifting the centre of gravity closer to the tractor.

Tines and Shares

  • The unique and robust design of the tines incorporates a specially heat treated hollow “C” profile.
  • The heat treatment is of the same standards as the beams on the Kverneland ploughs.
  • For lighter conditions, Kverneland offer the "C" tine with shearbolt overload protection releasing from 2 tons.
  • The Kverneland "C" tine equipped with the "Auto-reset" leaf spring safety system is the perfect choice for hard and stony conditions.
  • The tine leg can withstand sideway movements of up to 14cm for the CLC pro, CLC pro Classic, CLC pro Cut and to 20cm for the CLC Evo. This means lower stress to the tine holder and frame structure.
  • The "C"-tine system is maintenance-free.

Tines can be combined with a variety of share systems allowing working depths between 5cm and 30cm

  • The "C"-tine: with the standard reversible plough point made of high quality steel for maximum service life. This allows to work at great depths even in stony soil - eliminating plough pans and in this way encouraging natural drainage. 
  • For stubble cultivation the "C" tine can be equipped with 30cm wing shares.
  • Two types of carbide points – 80mm and 150mm Tiger point. The special design ensures progressive and high penetration and requires low pulling force. The special shape of the carbide plate resist against aggressive stony conditions. All points available with Knock-on deflectors too.
  • Click here for further details on the Knock-on system. 

Leaf Spring/Vibromat

  • For lighter conditions Kverneland offer the CLC tine with shearbolt overload protection.
  • This version of the CLC tine offers the same high quality as that of the „Auto-reset“ tine, and is releasing from 2 tons.
  • The Kverneland CLC tine equipped with the “Auto-reset“ leaf spring safety system is the perfect choice for hard and stony conditions.
  • The well renowned Kverneland leaf spring protects the tines against overload. The tine starts to release with loads over 640 kg. The release force decreases with the release height to protect the frame against high stress.
  • All pivot points of the CLC tines are manufactured with wear resistant bushes and bolts of the renowned Kverneland quality.
  • Therefore the CLC tine system is maintenance-free.

CLC pro Cut - Rear Accessories

The CLC pro Cut can be equipped with a wide range of rear implements.

Levelling tines

  • Good levelling capacity
  • Good following of the ground contour
  • Angle adjustable by turnbuckle 

Combi disc harrow:

  • Combination of a single disc gang with all roller types
  • Intensive incorporation of the residues
  • The angel of the disc gang is adjustable
  • The depth of the disc harrowis hydraulically adjustable
  • Mounted on parallelogram

Double disc gang ø 510 mm:

  • Does a good mixing and incorporation
  • The angles of the disc gang are adjustable
  • Mounted on parallelogram

Cage roller ø 550mm - 90 kg/m

  • 10 bars for a good loading capacity and operation in wet conditions
  • Effective crumbling action

Double cage roller ø 400mm (tube/flat) - 160 kg/m

  • Good crumbling
  • Precised depth control

Actipress Twin ø 565mm - 220kg/m without soil

  • U-profile for high carrying /rolling capacity in light soils
  • Clod breaking also in heavy conditions
  • High and homogenous consolidation
  • Weight when full of soil: 250 kg/m

Actipack ø 560mm - 220 kg/m

  • The Kverneland Actipack roller displays its superb working qualities especially on medium to heavy soils, also in wet, stony and sticky conditions thanks to the independent skids and knives
  • The cutting discs break the larger clods whilst the adjustable knives cut the remaining clods resulting in optimal clod breadown and fine seedbed preparation

Actiring ø 540mm - 160 kg/m

  • The Actiring roller is a lighter variant of the Actipack, using the same frame structure and knife system
  • The discs have been replaced by a “V” profile ring, this is saving 60kg/m, which is of critical importance for reducing lifting requirements for mounted equipment
  • Actiring is not recommended in stony conditions

Actiflex roller ø580mm - 160 kg/m

  • The Actiflex roller has been made to create an intensive mixing under all conditions, even stony ones
  • The rings are made with spring steel to have a high resistance against stress at high speed
  • Actiflex rings are separated by skids to prevent any accumulation inside the roller
  • This roller is the ideal tool to create a nice seedbed and enhance the weeds regrowth after harvesting