Seeding Equipment

Pneumatic seed drills

Kverneland e-drill maxi plus

The e-drill maxi plus allows the combined application of seeds and fertiliser in one pass

Kverneland DF-1

Flexible front-mounted hopper for both conventional and precision sowing 

Kverneland DF-2

Flexible front-mounted twin hoppers for both conventional and precision sowing

Kverneland DL

 Compact seed drill for small and medium tractors

Pneumatic precision drills

Kverneland Optima RS

The rigid and strong frame for high performance and output

Vegetable precision drills

Kverneland Miniair Nova

The professional solution for all vegetable growers

Other seed drills

Kverneland a-drill

Pneumatic seeder integrated on cultivator or seed drill for the simultaneous application of cover crops or an extra sort of seeds/fertiliser