Kverneland e-drill maxi plus

The e-drill maxi plus allows the combined application of seeds and fertiliser in one pass. 

The range of Kverneland e-drill as power harrow mounted seed drills allow seedbed preparation, consolidation and sowing in one pass. Within this product group, the e-drill maxi plus is the combined seed and fertiliser model.

The Kverneland e-drill maxi plus is able to apply two different products in one pass. It can be two types of seeds or seed and fertiliser or a combination with e.g. slug pellets or only one type of seed.

With the combined seeder, the high capacity hopper can be divided into an adjustable hopper ratio of 60:40, 70:30 or 100:0 with two independently working metering devices ELDOS positioned on either side. With the double-entry CX-II coulter, the seeds and fertiliser are laid precisely in the seeding row in just one pass.

The e-drill maxi plus pneumatic seed drills are especially adapted to the needs of the European markets where the application of fertiliser and seeds in one step or the sowing of a mixture of different seeds is requested. To balance the shorter vegetation phase, the phosphoric fertiliser application supports the initial germination and development of the 

plants in the most efficient way. In trials of spring-sown crops, yields have shown increases up to 25% compared to crops where the fertiliser has been applied by other methods.

As an option for an even further extended scope of application, Kverneland has integrated the well-known a-drill onto the e-drill maxi plus. This extra seeder with a separate hopper and metering device will allow applying an additional sort of seeds/fertiliser.

Advantagesof Kverneland e-drill maxi plus:

  • Close centre of gravity for reduced lifting power requirement
  • Easily accessible metering device ELDOS
  • Increased flexibility
  • Stronger crops by supported initial germination
e-drill maxi plus 3.0m  3.5m  4.0m
Hopper capacity (litres) / extension (litres) 17000 / 400 17000 / 400 17000 / 400
No. of coulters 12.5cm distance (standard) 24 28 32
No. of coulteres 15cm distance (option) 20 24 26
Min. power requirement (HP/kW) 130/96 140/103 150/110
Weight (kg) with coulters 1520 1600 1690

Pneumatic System - ELDOS

  • The metering device ELDOS accurately measures the required volume of seed by the distinctive rotor and discharges it into the seed injector where is is mixed with the air stream and then conveyed through the diffusor tube and the seed delivery hoses to the coulters. 
  • The distribution head is mounted in a protected position inside the seed hopper.

ELDOS - the metering device

  • ELDOS is electric driven by e-com and is fully ISOBUS compatible.
  • GEOCONTROL by GPS signal is possible which avoids double seeding.
  • Special sensors ensure functionality from the tractor cab.
  • Five standard rotors are delivered: for fine and large seeds or fertiliser.
  • The exchange of the rotors is quickly and easily done without any tools.
  • Application rates from 1 to 400kg/ha are possible (depending on working speed and width).
  • The metering device is always easily accessible. 


  • Very simple calibration test due to the separate seed guidance.
  • A remote control allows the driver to operate the calibration process at the metering device.  
  • No gear has to be adjusted. The driver simply enters the desired values into the terminal, presses one button to start at the metering device and that’s it.
  • The calibration is done automatically.
  • A calibration flap with an integrated gate prevents any seed from dropping into the hose.

e-drill maxi plus - Hopper

Adjustable hopper capacity offers extra flexibility

The e-drill maxi plus is offered with a hopper capacity of max. 2,100 litres which is divided into an adjustable hopper ratio of 60:40, 70:30 or 100:0 with two independently working metering devices positioned either side.  Two electronic low-level sensors, adjustable from outside, monitor small quantities of rape as well as larger quantities of beans. The full hopper volume can be used when sowing one sort of seed only.

e-drill maxi plus - seed and fertiliser application

The e-drill maxi plus with double entry CX-II coulters and divided hopper places the fertiliser within the seeding row. The fertiliser or a second different crop is placed together with the seeds in just one working pass.

This is especially suitable e.g. for phosphoric fertiliser to support the initial germination and development of the plants in the most efficient way.

By an extra outlet of the CX-II coulter double entry, various combinations are possible:

  • two types of seeds,
  • one type of seed and one type of fertiliser or
  • one type of seed combined with e.g. slug pellets
  • one type of seed.


Flexibility is key!

The coulterbar can be easily coupled and uncoupled with a coupling hook similar to the front loader coupling. Track markers are attached to the power harrow. Therefore, the power harrow is ready for solo operation within short time. The coulterbar is attached with the Euro-Connection directly to the roller frame and can quickly and easily be hitched thanks to the readily accessible hydraulic and electronic interface.

The e-drill is exclusively designed to be combined with Kverneland power harrows. 

e-drill - Electronic Control

For the electronic control of the e-drill, a whole range of steering systems is available

Focus 3
Focus 3 is the new terminal steering the e-bas system which features hopper low level sensor, various tramline systems, information about ha, km/h monitoring of fan speed, pre-emergence marker, seed rate adjustments. Focus 3 is not ISOBUS compatible. 

IsoMatch Tellus GO
The multifunctional one-screen terminal has been developed for fast and simple control of all ISOBUS implements, giving the farmer a ‘customer made’ experience as it suits all needs for plain and efficient handling of farming machinery and tasks. IsoMatch Tellus GO is the farmer’s first step into Precision Farming. With the easy to use application, IsoMatch GEOCONTROL, it is possible to boost efficiency and save time and costs. The application includes Manual Guidance, Section Control and Variable Rate.

IsoMatch Tellus PRO

IsoMatch Tellus PRO is the centre for connecting all ISOBUS machines and a platform for running precision farming applications. It offers everything a farmer needs to get the maximum out of his machines and crops, as well as cost savings in fertiliser, chemicals and seeds by using automatic section control and variable rate control. With the unique dual screen functionality it gives the farmer the opportunity to view and control two machines and processes simultaneously.

With this new terminal you can work all the way as a PRO. The maximum working range for the task controller IsoMatch GEOCONTROL is increased from 2 km to maximum 10 km from the starting point. Thus even extremely big fields are handled in a full professional way. The new high brightness screen increases operator comfort. Visibility is increased during the day and dimmed to just a glowing display in dark conditions.