Kverneland 9471 S VARIO - 9471 S EVO

Side delivery rakes for the flexible solution with 23'4" (7.10m) working width

Flexible Raking Solutions:

The Kverneland 9471 S VARIO and the Kverneland 9471 S EVO are designed for maximum flexibility, for raking in a variety of conditions. The twin rotors work independently, from each other, making it possible to collect either one large swath or two smaller night swaths. These rakes can place two large swaths into one, allowing a total of up to 41' (12.5m) crop to be gathered into one swath.

The Advantages:

  • 2 swath options - it is possible to collect the crop into one swath from up to 41' (12.5m) or place two smaller night swaths.
  • SideShift device makes it possible to sideshift the rake in relation to the tractor for raking along field boundaries and around threes.
  • TerraLink system offers excellent ground contour adaptation thanks to a simple system with no joints to wear out.
  • QuickLift system offers fast lift at headlands and sufficient space when crossing swaths.
  • Compact transport width of only 9'8" (3.00m) (8' with tine arms removed).
  • Hydraulic swath board that automatically fold clear for transport.

Technical Specifications:

  Working Width No of Tine Arms Weight
9471 S VARIO 21'8"/23'4" (6.60/7.10m) 11/12 3087 lbs(1400kg)
9471 S EVO 21'8"/23'4" (6.60/7.10m) 11/12 2976 lbs (1350kg)

CompactLine Gearbox

  • The Kverneland CompactLine rakes feature oil-immersed cam discs and guide rollers.
  • Tine arm bearings are fully lubricated, and hence absolutely maintenance-free.
  • High-tensile tine arm holders and two bearings on either side of the driveshaft, provide the compact unit with strength and dependability.
  • Kverneland-developed cam tracks are specifically tailored to individual rotor diameters, for optimum raking at any working width and on any model.


  • The Vario version also offers the patented SideShift system as an option, which comprises electro-hydraulic control of all functions.
  • A special feature on the Kverneland 9471 S Vario is the possibility to operate both rotors – front and rear – in an offset position from the tractor cab.
  • With this patented system, raking along field boundaries or around trees is no problem – as the tractor can run at a safe distance from the obstacles.
  • It is also possible to run on raked fields while having the rake offset to the left side.

2 Swath Options

  • It is possble to collect either one large swath or two smaller swaths.
  • Both 9471 S models can place two large swaths into one, allowing a total of up  to 12.50m crop to be gathered into one swath.
  • 9670S Vario can also place two large swaths into one, allowing a total of up to 13.0 m crop to be gathered into one swath.
  • It is also possible to place two small night swaths for hay crops.


  • Completely maintenance- and wear-free.
  • Quiet machine running due to automatic dampening
  • Wide track boogies with large wheels provide perfect ground contour following 
  • Trailed axle configuration enhances quiet running and reduces tractor input power
  • Superb tracking in road transport


  • Kverneland 9471 S is equipped with the QuickLift system as standard.
  • This ensures a lifting height of 50cm to easily over cross existing swathes. Furthermore the axles are pulled
  • Rotors are lifted using only a single acting valve.
  • During transport the swath board automatically fold clear. Transport width is below 3m (2.45m with tine arms removed).